Country on Join - Bukkit Edition 1.3.0

Broadcasts join messages mentioning the country from which the players connects. Multi-language.

  1. Customization changes, fixes and GeoIP DB update.

    From now, all plugin default files (except config.yml) will be overwritten on startup, this solves the problem of these files where not being updated until you delete them. Other files that are unknown for the plugin will not be touched!
    If you have changed these files, then BACKUP them before update the plugin or your changes will be LOST.
    If you need to modify these files, then create a new file with a custom name (for example:...
  2. Version 1.2.0 "Placeholders"

    - Added placeholders support (thank you @Velasco83 for the suggestion)
    - Added the "/country" command.
    - Updated the GeoIP database.
    - Improved debug information for better issues investigation.
    - Fixed default permission for the "reload" command.
    - Fixed some texts.
  3. Fix for PaperSpigot

    Fixed plugin load bug for PaperSpigot users. Thank you @lanceryy !

    There is nothing interesting for current users.
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  4. New language, new messages, new database

    Changes in this update:
    - Changed some country names (shortened) because some of the 'formal' names are too large for use in the join message. Added a culture variant (*_formal) which contains the previous 'formal' (large) names. Thank you @rs2klee for pointing out that problem (five months ago :D).
    - Added Chinese (Simplified) language (zh-CN). Thank you @R_Josef for the translation.
    - Removed the end dot from the messages for consistency with...
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