Coupons! 1.3

A simple plugin to generate coupons!

  1. okaay

    What's "Coupons!"?
    "Coupons!" is a small plugin which allows server owners to generate coupon-codes. When a user redeems such a code, he will get a specified item. The codes could be used for an event for example.

    How do I use "Coupons!"?
    It's very easy: Just hold an item (which the user will get after he redeemed the code) and type: "/coupon generate", for this command you need the permission "coupon.generate". After you entered the command you will get a randomized coupon-code which has to be entered later by the user.

    To redeem a coupon no permission is needed just enter the command "/coupon redeem <code>".

    Can a coupon be any type of item?
    Yes! The item you specify can have a custom amount not just 1, it can have a lore, a custom-name and enchantments.

    The plugin is not working for me/There are errors in the server-log!
    This should not happen, but if it does feel free to ask here in the comments. To get better advices to fix the problem you should upload your log to hastebin or to pastebin.

    I found a bug could you please fix it?
    Sure! Just write into the comments what the bug is and how to produce it so it is easier for me to find the mistake I have done.

    I want to suggest a feature!
    Feel free to start a discussion or write your suggestion into the comments.

    Thank you for reading! :)
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