CourierNew | A unique mail system 1.2.9

Send and receive physical letters with a postman!

  1. Jeremaster101
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    CourierNew is a complete rewrite of a plugin called Courier. CourierNew allows you to write letters and send them to players through a postman. Simply place the plugin in your plugins folder, start your server, and enjoy the features of CourierNew!

    Here is an example of CourierNew in action:

    You can write a letter using the letter command,

    You can even add pages to an existing letter!

    Once you send it, a postman will go to the recipient. Right click the villager to receive your mail!

    The item even gives you a preview in your inventory, as well as when the letter was written and who wrote it!

    • Write letters as books
    • Send letters to players
    • Color codes and \n for line breaks in letters!
    • Configureable delays for the postman
    • Block receiving letters in specific worlds or gamemodes!
    • Optional integration with Essentials or VanishNoPacket to block receiving for vanished players!
    • Letters have previews when viewed in a player's inventory
    • Letters have timestamps when they were written in their lore
    • Unlike the plugin Courier, letters are based on item metadata, so letters should no longer be lost in the case of one file getting corrupted or missing!
    • Delivers multiple letters at once! No more postman spam!
    • Option to allow only the recipient to grab their mail
    • When the server starts, any postmen that are left in the world will automatically be removed
    • Ability to send letters to multiple players at once

    • /letter <message> will create a letter or edit an existing one
    • /post <player> to send a letter to a player - you can put one name, multiple names separated by commas, * to send to all online players, or ** to send to all players who ever joined the server.
    • /cnhelp shows the plugin help
    • /unread will retrieve unread mail
    • /shred will delete a letter you are holding
    • /shredall will delete all letters in your inventory
    • /cnreload will reload the configuration and messages files

    • couriernew.letter - Allows players to write/edit letters
    • - Allows players to send letters to one player at a time
    • - Allows players to send letters to multiple players at a time
    • - Allows players to send letters to all online players
    • - Allows players to send letters to all players who ever joined the server
    • - Allows players to use the help command
    • couriernew.shred - Allows players to shred a letter
    • couriernew.shredall - Allows players to shred all in their inventory
    • couriernew.unread - Allows players to retrieve unread mail
    • couriernew.reload - Allows for reloading of configs

    Code (YAML):
    # Change delays related to sending mail, the postman, and
    # when the postman will appear. All values are in
    # minecraft ticks. 20 ticks equals 1 second.
    # Radius is in blocks.
    : 300
    : 100
    : 2400
    : 100
    : 10
    : 200
    : 20
    : 100
    : true
     - world_name
    (All time is in ticks)
    • join-recieve-delay - How long before the postman will spawn once a player joins the server
    • send-receive-delay - How long after a player sends a letter to spawn a postman for the recipient
    • resend-delay - When a player doesn't click the postman, how long before the plugin tries to spawn a new one
    • unread-delay - How long it takes to retrieve the postman when using /unread or /postman
    • check-before-spawning-postman-radius - How far in blocks to check to make sure the plugin doesn't spawn multiple postmen
    • remove-postman-ignored-delay - How long the postman stays alive before removing automatically
    • remove-postman-recieved-delay - How long before the postman disappears after delivering mail
    • resend-from-blocked-delay - Once a player exits a blocked world or game mode, how long should the plugin wait before spawning the postman again
    • protected-postman - This will determine whether or not other players can grab mail from a postman that isn't theirs.
    • blocked-gamemodes - Gamemodes that receiving mail isn't allowed in. (SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, SPECTATOR)
    • blocked-worlds - Names of worlds that receiving is blocked in


    • Postman not spawning? In world guard config, set block-plugin-spawning: false. Set allow npcs to true in If you are using EssentialsProtect, make sure to not block villager spawning. Also check to make sure that no other plugins block mob spawning. If these do not help, join the Discord for more help.


Recent Reviews

  1. Loapu
    Version: 1.2.9
    Good continuation of the old plugin. Would be nice tho if one could toggle between automated and manual page creation.
    1. Jeremaster101
      Author's Response
      I’m planning to add that to the next major version. Thanks for using the plugin!
  2. Danifox
    Version: 1.2.9
    I was looking for a new version of this plugin for years and i found it. Thank you very much, i love this plugin.
  3. Swordee
    Version: 1.2.9
    Would be great if you could send any item/items. Could be used for paying some with ease. Either way, fantastic plugin!
    1. Jeremaster101
      Author's Response
      I’m looking into this for the next major release. Thanks for your review!
  4. PawPawDude
    Version: 1.2.8
    I like this mail plugin best of all I've looked at. Especially the courier delivery method.

    But I find the 2-step process of creating and sending a mail item to be inefficient and clunky, a minor, but real, burden on players to use, which translates downstream into tech support issues. I would've rather it all be in one GUI from start to finish. Create a draft, review and re-edit if wish, then send. And, then a notification/indicator when message has been read by recipient.

    My favorite almost-right part of this plugin is the NPC courier. However, he doesn't follow you and could easily be missed. If he followed you around instead of just standing in one place and despawning, it'd rock.

    Hmmm... just a few crucial tweaks and this would be a great plugin and well worth donating to.
    1. Jeremaster101
      Author's Response
      Hey PawPawDude, Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoy my plugin.

      I left the plugin without a GUI as I personally feel it is easier to use when there is no GUI in my face and it is all done through chat. This is how the plugin CourierNew is based off of worked. Maybe I will add a GUI option in the future, but that is not on the table right now.

      I could add following for the NPC, as that would make it seem less lifeless. I am adding custom entities for the NPC in an update really soon.

      Feel free to join the support discord to leave any more suggestions there!
  5. MuSc1
    Version: 1.2.8
    Hey man! This Plugin ist fuckint perfect, I love it!
    The perfect solution for every RPG Server and especially the upcoming features are incredible!

    Please add the option, that you can also use another mob as an courier. On my Server I set up, that no villager spawn is allowed. So there is also no courier spawn:/

    Would be fucking awesome if you could change it!

    Greetings and keep up the good work!
    1. Jeremaster101
      Author's Response
      I have added custom mobs in a dev version, and I will be releasing it soon!
  6. Malfrador
    Version: 1.2.8
    Works very good for RPG servers, does exactly what we wanted for our server. Had a small bug with the postman, but it got fixed very fast. Nice dev ;)
  7. techula
    Version: 1.2.6
    This is a terrific, easy-to-use mail system which was exactly what I needed for my little server. I can easily send players messages while they're offline.

    Feature request: allow admin to send one letter to multiple players.
    1. Jeremaster101
      Author's Response
      Hey techula! Thanks for the review! For the feature request, join the support discord and there you can give me more detail about specifics.
  8. Minetoday356
    Version: 1.2.5
    Amazing plugin, works perfectly and I'm grateful that Jeremaster101 published this to the community.
  9. Beaupedia
    Version: 1.2.4
    Jeremaster101 developed this plugin for our server and we've been using it for 7 months now and in that time many thousands of letters have been written and sent and it has worked beautifully. The original Courier and now CourierNew have been one of the favorite plugins of our community. We're so happy to have it.