CourierNew 1.2.7

Send and receive physical letters with a postman!

  1. Fixed typo preventing permission from working

    A typo prevented the permission from working and wouldn't allow anyone to use /cnhelp
  2. Fixed permission not working

    A typo was made in the code that prevented the permission for sending to multiple players to not work. It has been fixed.
  3. Customizable Messages and the Ability to Send to Multiple Players!

    This update brings a new, customizable look to your CourierNew experience, as well as a few handy features admins could use!

    • Messages are now customizable in messages.yml. After updating, restart your Minecraft server to get the file. The default messages have received a fresh new look!
    • You can now send a letter to multiple people at once! You can do /post and one of three ways to send to multiple players: separate names with commas (permission:...
  4. Fixed villager walking bug and tested in 1.14

    This version fixes an issue with the postman being able to walk when they shouldn't be able to. I also tested this version in 1.14 and it works just the same! The only difference is the villager is no longer a librarian (white clothes) in 1.14.
  5. Fixed startup error

    Fixed an error on startup related to Ansi class not found