CowBattle - Animal Arena 1.2.1

A PVP minigame as animals

  1. Rocco
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    CowBattle - Animal Arena for 1.9 (1.8 coming soon)

    So excited for my new plugin! It's similar to many minigames seen in other servers, but it's on Bukkit! In this minigame you combat each other as animals!

    1. Install your plugin

    2. Go to the main lobby and do /cb setmainlobby

    3. Go to game lobby and do /cb create GAMENAME

    4. Go to spawns and do /cb setgamespawn GAMENAME and /cb setspecspawn GAMENAME

    5. Do /cb join GAMENAME and Enjoy!

    There are 3 permissions: cowbattle.admin, cowbattle.mod and cowbattle.user COWBATTLE.ADMIN - all commands

    COWBATTLE.MOD - user commands + /cb find PLAYER to find a player

    COWBATTLE.USER - /cb join GAME - /cb leave GAME - /cb kit

    Here is the parsing of the Items section of the kits.yml Items:


    PLEASE REPORT any bugs/issues/exploits to our BugTracker:HERE

Recent Updates

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