Cowsay 2015-01-17

Cowsay clone for bungee and bukkit.

  1. yawkat

    Cowsay plugin for bukkit and bungee.



    `/cowsay <message>`

    `/cowthink <message>`

    Both commands accept arguments:

    • `-p <regex>` sends the message to all players matching that regex.
    • `-i` sets the regex to ignore-case.
    • `-l` sets the regex to literal mode.
    • `-c <color>` changes the color of the cow and the bubble. (for example `-c §5`)
    • `-s <needle>` replaces the given needle with `§` (the minecraft color character) in the text and in the bubble color arg.
    • `--` to stop parsing parameters and treat everything following as text
    If you end the parameter list with an argumentless parameter like `-i` or `-l` you either have to add an argument that will subsequently ignored or you have to use `--`.





    • `cowsay.cowsay`: Give access to `/cowsay`
    • `cowsay.cowthink`: Give access to `/cowthink`
    • `cowsay.color.cow`: Allow players to use `-c`
    • `cowsay.color.text`: Allow players to use `-s`
    • `cowsay.other`: Allow players to use `-p`

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