Craftable Spawners 1.2.2

Craft Spawners using Condensed Items

  1. Sl3GE
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Basic Information:
    Currently provides a crafting recipes for 22 different spawners. It also enables players to place them while in gamemode survival.

    Spawners are crafted using either new condensed items or super condensed items based on the entity type of spawner.

    Spawners can be mined using Silk Touch.

    Future Features:
    • Additional Craftable Spawners
    Visit the Craftable Spawners Wiki for more info (recipes will be added in the future here)​

    Command Added:
    A "giveSpawner <entityType> <amount>" command is also provided.​

    List of Craftable Spawners: (Crafting Recipes can only be found in source code for now)
    Cow, Iron Golem, Skeleton, Snowman, Zombie, Sheep, Blaze, Pig, Creeper, Horse, Spider, Enderman, Slime, Magma Cube, Squid, Chicken, Ghast, Zombified Piglin, Wither, Villager, Wither Skeleton, and Wither

    **For example, Crafting Recipe for a Iron Golem is one iron bar in the center surrounded by condensed Iron Blocks**

    List of Condensed Items: (Crafting Recipes can only be found in source code for now)
    Iron Blocks, Leather, Beef, Bones, Snow Block, Carved Pumpkin, Rotten Flesh, White Wool, Mutton, Blaze Rods, Porkchops, Gunpowder, String, Ender Pearls, Slime Blocks, Magma Cream, Ink Sacs, Chicken, Feathers, Ghast Tears, Gold Block, Nether Stars, Emerald Blocks, Wither Skeleton Skull, and Block Of Redstone

    **For example, Crafting Recipe for a Condensed Iron Block is nine Iron Block (one in each spot in the crafting table)**
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