Craftconomy 3.3.1

Multiworld / Multicurrency economy plugin

  1. 3.3

    Release notes - 3.3

    NEW: Sponge support! Craftconomy now supports Bukkit(Spigot) / Canary / Sponge!

    NEW: Allow configuration of the database connection pool size.

    NEW: H2 to MySQL converter!

    NEW: If conversion fails during step 2 (saving), it can be restarted by setting the database version to -1

    FIX: /money log now showing entries

    FIX: Autocommit disabled during 3.1.X => 3.2.X conversion. Should improve speed!

    FIX: 3.1.X => 3.2.X conversion being derpy with log entries. Should convert properly now.

    FIX: /bank list

    FIX: SQLite support was borky during conversion.

    FIX: General conversion system fixes.

    FIX: Prevent a "Subquery returned more than 1 entry" bug
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