Craftconomy 3.3.1

Multiworld / Multicurrency economy plugin

  1. Update 3.2

    Release notes - 3.2

    Your entire database will be deleted and re-created in this version. PLEASE DO BACKUPS IN CASE STUFF GO WRONG. THIS IS MY ONLY WARNING. If stuff do go wrong, please rollback to 3.1.6 and give me the stacktrace/error you got.

    You need Vault 1.5.2:

    Might wonder why the .jar is so big (2MB). It's because of the library I use for SQL called HikariCP. It needs some dependencies that Minecraft don't offer. I also include the H2 driver.
    • Bugfix: Rewrote the entire database backend. This should hopefully improve performance and allows me to be more flexible than the old system (SimpleSave)
    • Addition: Added /craftconomy reload (permission node craftconomy.config.reload). This should allow you to reload the plugin without issues. This is a not really tested feature so watchout.
    • Addition: added /pay, a alias for /money pay
    • Addition: Some API updates all around the AccountManager system.
    • Bugfix: Allow empty passwords in iConomy converter in MySQL mode.
    • Bugfix: Make the EventManager follow the case sentitive rule
    • Bugfix: Add UUID support in importing. Keep it mind this doesn't import names when that happen
    • Removal: SQLite dropped. Replaced by H2. Your SQLite database will be replaced on upgrade.
    • Removal: Payday system. Was totally buggy.
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