CraftDisplay 5.1.0

Crafting Mechanism From Minecraft Story Mode!

  1. Some bugs fixed and supported BetterDrops

    • CraftDisplay will work even if there is a block which does not have collision (e.g. torch) above the crafting table.
    • FurnaceDisplay operation was improved.
    • Supported Ruan's BetterDrops. (I think so, but I don't have environment to debug. Please let me know if it works.)
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  2. Fixed a bug

    • Item entity based packet will be removed from client when you reload this plugin.
    • If you are using Minecraft 1.8.* server and the line of "Item_Display_Method" in config is "3" (default), CraftDisplay plugin forces to use item entity based packet method.
    • If this plugin is disabled because any errors are found in config, server log is no longer noisy.
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  3. Fixed NullPointerException

    • Fixed NullPointerException
    • Supported Minecraft version 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
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  4. CraftDisplay Powered Up!

    • CraftDisplay
      • You can choose the method to display from item entities without packet, packet based item entities, and armorstands.
      • Packet based item entities and armorstands will not be removed by ClearLagg plugin.
      • You can choose if you just wanna show 1 item instead of a full stack when crafting.
      • Now you can switch display's availability by right-clicking with sneaking, without having anything.
    • Other Display
      • You can choose the method to...
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  5. Be Possibile to Switch Availability Easily and Support for Vanish Plugins!

    • Now you can switch display's availability by right-clicking with sneaking!
    • Support for vanish plugins (that using metadata)!
    • Fixed a bug that EnchantDisplay and AnvilDisplay is not displayed after you use furnace.
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  6. Upgraded Chest Display!

    • Updated ChestDisplay! When items are moved to the other inventory, item entities fly towards the chest or player.
    • Fixed a NullPointerException.
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  7. Fixed bugs

    • Configuration "enable-enchantdisplayinstring" is now working.
    • Enchanted item now shows minecraft in-game enchantment name.
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  8. Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a nullPointerExeption
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  9. Added Permission Support

    • Added permission support
      • craftdisplay.general.crafting_table
      • craftdisplay.general.chest
      • craftdisplay.general.furnace
      • craftdisplay.general.enchanting_table
      • craftdisplay.general.anvil
      • craftdisplay.command.crafting_table
      • craftdisplay.command.chest
      • craftdisplay.command.furnace
      • craftdisplay.command.enchanting_table
      • craftdisplay.command.anvil
      • craftdisplay.command.reload
    • Adjusted effects
    • Fixed some bugs
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  10. Added Anvil Display!

    • Added Anvil Display
    • Some bug fixes