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Add messages to crafted weapons & armour showing who made them!

  1. Xenoyia
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Very simple plugin for a very simple task. Add configurable lore messages to weapons and armour crafted by your players for that extra ounce of immersion.

    The only command is /craftedby, which requires the permission craftedby.reload. It simply reloads the config. This is given to ops by default.

    The other permission,, is given to everyone by default but can be taken away from certain groups if you so choose. Players without this permission won't have their name added to crafted items at all.

    The plugin has several categories of items that you can customize:
    Weapons - This is just swords, currently.
    Armour - Helms, Boots, Chests, Shields.
    Tools - Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes, Shovels, Shears & Flint and Steel.
    Ammo - Arrows, Spectral Arrows, Tipped Arrows and Firework Rockets.
    Ranged - Bows, Crossbows.

    You might not need separate messages for these, but the option doesn't hurt!


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  1. Gokuzzo
    Version: 1.0.1
    Simplest but most useful plugin on my server!!! Thanks a lot!! Keep it alive!! Dziękuję!!
  2. demon2749
    Version: 1.0
    You're amazing! You've got an awesome plugin here, and it does everything I was looking for. <3