CraftEnchant 1.0

CraftEnchant use a crafting table to enchant your tools.

  1. awaitingcomplex
    CraftEnchant is basically a plugin that allows you to enchant all your weapons using a crafting table. Does this seem insane? Well, after playing the game for quite some time I've been annoyed by the fact that you can only use a book to enchant your weapons so I figured, why not turn the crafting table into an enchantment source? To enchant the item you need to have a tool that you place in the middle, a gold block at the mid-bottom, and diamonds on each side of the tool. Now you wanna select what enchantment you want, at the moment I have only coded the enchantments for swords (Fire Aspect [1-2], Sharpness [1-5], Knockback [1-2] & Durability/Unbreaking [1-3]). NB: Gold Sword not included (Comment below if you'd like me to add it). So sharpness: Flint, knockback: Stick, fire aspect: Flint n' Steel, unbreaking: Coal. So you wanna place either one of those at the mid-top. Now if you want to have higher enchant than 1, you gotta put 1 diamond first on left-bottom (for lvl 2), then 1 on top-left (for lvl 3), and then right-bot (for lvl 4) and last but not least the last spot (for lvl 5). As shown in the pictures below.
    [​IMG] (Knockback 1)
    [​IMG] (Sharpness 2)
    [​IMG] (Fire Aspect 3 ~Only goes up to 2 tho :3)
    [​IMG] (Unbreaking 4 ~Only goes up to 3 tho :3)
    [​IMG] (Sharpness 5 ~MAX!)
    !This version is free, but I will update it later on, and it will cost around 3-5$ for it!