Crafteye 2015-06-27

Crafting eye of enders and enderpearls!

  1. DaniRB
    Found out recently I needed an enderpearl, but no endermens around. So I figured maybe more people have this problem. So I came with a solution!
    Craft Enderpearl and Eye of Enders'!

    /crafteye - Shows all the command within the plugin!
    /enderpearl - Shows the recipe for an Enderpearl!
    /eyeofender - Shows the recipe for an Eye of Ender!

    Permissions: - For the command /crafteye
    crafteye.enderpearl - For the command /enderpearl
    crafteye.eyeofender - For the command /eyeofender

    External Info:
    This plugin has been made with:
    Spigot version: spigot-1.8
    Java version: JavaSE-1.8

    Also I am very new to writing plugins and such, if you find anything wrong, tell me!