CraftFlowers [ 1.16 Port allowed by main Developer ] 0.6

Easy create custom flowers with easy-to-use GUI.

  1. David_Mayr
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    • 1.16
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    FastAsyncWorldEdit is now required!


    This is a CraftFlowers 1.16 Port allowed by the main Developer.
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    craftFlowers is a plugin whose goal is to create custom flowers easier and more efficiently.
    Using an easy-to-use GUI you'll be able to create amazing variants of flowers!

    /cf - Open GUI
    /cf help - Shows all commands
    /cf save <name> - Saves the currently held flower
    /cf load <name> - Loads a saved flower
    /cf delete <name> - Removes the saved flower
    /cf info - Shows info about the plugin
    /undo - Undo the flower (command from WorldEdit)

    craftflowers.use - allows to open the GUI - allows to place the pot
    craftflowers.edit - allows to edit the pot - allows save flower
    craftflowers.load - allows load flower
    craftflowers.delete - allow remove flower
    craftflowers.admin - currently for notifications about new versions of the plugin


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  1. New Items and fixed Update Checker

Recent Reviews

  1. NikKing97
    Version: 0.5
    Great plugin, Im glad you updated it to the 1.16! However it would be very cool if you could add some additional "blocks" to the GUI, all of the 1.16 stuff would be great of course but also netherwart, all the other flowers and the whole ocean stuff.
    Another cool feature would be a /cf list command which lists all of the saved "flowers". An addition to that would be a button in the GUI which leads to another GUI where the saved flowers are listed.
    1. David_Mayr
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Feedback.
      I will implement that later especially because FAWE is still not marked as stable and I currently have many other Projects in development.

      The Code is open source so feel free to implement it yourself. ^^