Crafting API 3.0.0

Create your own recipes with NBT tags support in ingredients and result!

  1. TheZit445
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    version 3.0.0 | minecraft 1.14 - 1.15
    This plugin provides the ability to create recipes of various types. The peculiarity of the plugin is that it supports NBT, both in the results and in the ingredients.

    Author: Whether you like this plugin or not, please rate it. If you found a bug, contact me. Have are you a suggestion of source code improvement? Contact me. It is my best plugin and i want to make it better. Feedback helps me with it. Thank you!

    The plugin is dependent on NBTReflectionAPI.

    Guide to working with the plugin.
    • /craftingapi - help on commands.
    • /craftingapi create <type> <name> - create recipe.
      • Avalible types:
        • shaped - shaped crafting table recipe.
        • shapeless - shapeless crafting table recipe.
        • furnace - furnace smelting recipe.
        • smoker - furnace and smoker smelting recipe.
        • blasting - furnace and blast furnace smelting recipe.
        • brewing - potion brewing recipe.
      • Any name without spaces.
    • /craftingapi remove <name> - delete the recipe.
    • /craftingapi edit <name> - open recipe editor.
    • /craftingapi permission <name> [true|false] - enable / disable user permission for craft checking.
      • true - enable checking of user opportunity for craft this recipe.
      • false - disable checking.
    • /craftingapi browse - open recipes browser.
    • craftingapi.*
      • craftingapi.admin.*
        • craftingapi.admin.create - create a recipe.
        • craftingapi.admin.view - open recipe browser.
        • craftingapi.admin.edit - edit the recipe.
        • craftingapi.admin.remove - remove the recipe.
        • craftingapi.admin.setpermission - enable/disable user permission checking for this recipe.
      • craftingapi.recipe.*
        • craftingapi.recipe.<recipe name> - permission to craft the recipe (work if permission checking is enabled for this recipe). Example: craftingapi.recipe.charged_ingot.
    If the ingredient does not have additional NBT tags, then in its place you can use any item of this type, with any enchantments, name and more. But if an item has at least one additional NBT tag, then for crafting you need to use an item with the same tags. (If, for example, when creating a recipe, specify a diamond with the name "Charged Diamond", then such a diamond should be used. The video clearly shows).

    After creating the recipe, it is saved as a file in the folder with the plugins, and the next time you start / restart the plugin will download the recipe to the server from the file again.

    You can easily configure the output of messages in the chat, console and the names of graphical user interfaces. To configure, simply edit the localization file that you use, or create your own file by analogy with the basic ones. The required file name is <language> _messages.yml, where <language> is any text without spaces. I recommend using meaningful names, or a two-letter language designation (ru_messages.yml, en_messages.yml, de_messages.yml, uk_messages.yml, custom_messages.yml). To activate the message file, edit the config.yml file, replace the line lang: <language>. For example, lang: ru, lang: en, lang: de, lang: uk, lang: custom.

    The plugin can be used as a library for creating craft in your plugins.
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Recent Reviews

  1. abcdefgi921
    Version: 3.0.0
    Great Plugin,easy to use, i love the developer
    Отличный плагин, прост в использовании, люблю разработчика
  2. NewJeb
    Version: 3.0.0
    Охуительный плагин, восхитительные яйца. Очень удобен и прост в использовании, а так-же является на данный момент единственным годным плагином на добавление ванильных крафтов, без лишних механик,+ хорошо поддерживается. Cool plug, delicious eggs. It is very convenient and easy to use, and it is also currently the only suitable plugin for adding vanilla craft, without unnecessary mechanics, + is well supported.