Crafting Recipe Blocker 1.2

The plugin that any factions server needs, block any crafting recipe in the game.

  1. Updated to support 1.16x

    The only thing you will have to think about are the item names specified in the configuration file, if they are not the names that are accepted by the 1.16.3 Spigot API then it will not work as expected.
  2. -Duplication Glitch Fix!

    There was an issue where a user would be able to duplicate the items put into the crafting bench, for now I have made it so the user is just unable to craft it without closing their inventory.

    I will update this in a future update.
  3. -Full 1.15.2 support and fixed a null pointer exception.

    The plugin had some issues with certain materials, fixed it now though.

    Also, the plugin is now able to run on 1.15.2 without any issues, tested it.

    If any issues persist, please contact me, thank you.