CraftLater 0.8

Store Items in Workbenches to Craft Later!

  1. TeeePeee
    CraftLater is a very simple, lightweight plugin that adds some simple functionality that has always been missing from workbenches. Place an item in one of it's 9 slots and it will be stored there for later crafting purposes!

    The storage is on a per-player basis (similar to ender chests). That is, if one player stores an item in a crafting table, they can access it from any other crafting table and no other player will see their stuff.

    If the plugin is disabled while CraftLater is storing items, they will automatically be released back to the player storing them (or dropped at their feet if they cannot fit the items). If they are not online, their items will be lost forever.

    The only permission node is "CraftLater.use" and grants the ability to use this functionality.

    Thanks BananaCNetwork for this video!

Recent Reviews

  1. AcesGamingUK
    Version: 0.8
    Amazing little plugin, works strait away, does exactly what it says and there's no config to worry about :)