CraftMania 0.7

Craft and Un-Craft items easier then ever before! 33 Recipes

  1. TangoTitan
    Craft Mania V.0.7

    \/ Info \/

    Have you ever wondered why you can out a diamond next to a hoe and make a pick? Well now you can, with Craft Mania you can do just that, and more to come!

    \/ Recipes \/

    Put a hoe by the block its made of and get a pick!

    \/ Commands \/

    /cmv - Tells the Craft Mania Version!

    \/ To Add \/

    Permissions for the recipes

    \/ Get You Custom Version \/

    For only $1 you can get you own custom version of this!
    Want a certain recipes to give u a diamond sword with Sharpness 1?
    Well I can do that for you!
    Just fill out a forum here! ---> (not made yet)

    \/ Support \/

    There is currently no support page, however you can contact me in the comments!

    \/ Other \/

    If you see anyone trying to sell this plugin for money please let me know and I will report them to spigot or whatever site they put it on.

    \/ Rules \/

    Do not COPY this plugin!
    Do not sell this free plugin to other people!
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Recent Updates

  1. The Un-Crafting Update!

Recent Reviews

  1. Sam7heAlmighty
    Version: 0.7
    Wasn't immediately obvious how to use it, so a list of recipes on the overview would have been nice.

    Would be nice to break down armour too. In the next update perhaps?

    That said, a nice mod with a lot of potential use. Quick and convenient, and only costs 1 dirt to get your diamonds back from the extra tool you didn't want.

    Definitely recommend this.
  2. DevBrothers
    Version: 0.7