craftmatic 1.1.0

Automatic crafting system

  1. will now drop items without an output container

    • Previously the crafting block would not drop items like a dropper. Now, if there is no container in the block the crafting block is facing, it will drop the crafted item just like a dropper.
    • Now generates a cancelable "move item" event when it moves a crafted item into an output container.
    • Now only trapped chests as input containers trigger the special behavior in which the last item in a slot will not be removed.
    • Workaround for Spigot API bug where dropper objects would...
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  2. minor bug correction

    Just a couple of minor bugs resolved in edge cases.
  3. Added visual feedback cues

    The plugin now provides feedback as indicators of successful progress.
    1. Once the craftingtable is placed in the item frame on the dropper, the item frame will become invisible.
    2. If you open the crafting block (dropper), the window will show the name of the recipe if the ingredients match a known recipe, otherwise it will show the name of the plugin.
    3. Every time the crafting block crafts an item, the craftingtable item in the item frame will rotate once.
    There is also...
  4. Shields and shulkers

    • can now apply banners to shields
    • can now dye shulker boxes
  5. tipped arrow support

    Can now craft tipped arrows.

    Also, made the crafting block better at detecting when the containers on either side of it are replaced.
  6. added support for honey block crafting

    Now will return the empty bottles along with the honey block in the output container when crafting honey bottles into honey blocks.
  7. Small performance tweak

    Improved performance