Craftory Tech 0.6.0

Adding Machines, Electricity, Blocks, Tools and more with out mods, pushing Minecraft to its limits!

  1. CraftoryStudios
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Brett Saunders, Matty Jones
    Languages Supported:
    English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian



    Craftory sets out to extend and push the boundaries of vanilla Minecraft, offering features only thought possible before with Modded Minecraft. After installing the plugin, your players can join without having to install or do anything and experience all the amazing features Craftory has to offer.

    Currently, Craftory adds more technology to the game, with a fully-fledged Power System, Electric Furnaces, Ore Doubling, Generators, Power Cells and much more soon to come!! All of these have custom textures and functionality without overriding any Minecraft textures.

    Version 0.3.0+ requires MC 1.17+


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Download the plugin JAR
    2. Drop the JAR for Craftory into the plugins folder of your server
    3. Run the server
    Details on how to use the plugin can be found on our Wiki.
    We will also be releasing an in-game guidebook at a later date.

    WARNING: This makes use of Server Resource Pack! This is automatically set up, you must use it.
    This current version isn't compatible with servers that use a custom resource pack. If you know-how, you can merge ours and your resource pack and it will work.

    Version 0.2.3 onwards now requires ProtocolLib

    There are currently no Soft requirements, but there are plans to include some later to provide extra functionality and compatibility.

    • /craftory (/cr) - Base command of plugin
    • /cr help - Lists commands
    • /cr give - Gives the player an item from Craftory
      • Arg1 - Player name to give the item
      • Arg2 - Name of item or block to give
      • Arg3 - Amount
    • /cr recipebook - Shows a book for all recipes craftory adds, if you have give permission, clicking the item will spawn it
    • - To use the help command
    • craftory.command.give - To use give the command
    • craftory.command.debug - To use the debug command
    • craftory.command.recipebook - To use the recipebook command
    • craftory.command.reload - To use the reload command to reload Craftory config files
    • craftory.craft - To craft Craftory recipes

    How do I change the Translation Language?
    Version 0.1.1 onwards supports translations. By going into the config file you can change the language between:
    • zh-CN - Simplified Chinese
    • en-GB - English, United Kingdom (Default)
    • en-US - English, USA
    • ru-Ru - Russian
    • hu-Hu - Hungarian
    • de - De - German
    • af_ZA - Afrikaans
    • nl_NL - Dutch
    • fr_FR - French
    • ja_JP - Japanese
    • pl_PL - Polish
    • pt_BR - Portuguese, Brazilian
    • es_ES - Spanish
    How can I add translations?
    You can submit translations at
    If your language isn't their message and we shall add it.

    Why do I not see all the lang files?
    If you delete the lang folder in plugins/Craftory when you next run the server new lang files will be copied out.

    I broke a Water wheel or Windmill and it didn't disappear?
    If the actual waterwheel doesn't go you can use the /minecraft:kill @e [type=ArmourStand,c=3] command to delete it. We recommend using a range so you don't remove all in the world.

    How can I use my own Resource Pack?
    Players can just put on their own resource pack, some GUI components may not line up properly, but items like the windmill that use wool texture will use the Resource Pack textures.

    Server Owners can join our discord, download the resource pack and combined it with there own. In config, you can disable force pack and host yourself.

    Please first read the documentation, this is still in ALPHA so we will be rapidly updating and improving it. This also means, there will most likely be a few bugs. If you need support or to report a bug, create an issue on our Github here.

Recent Reviews

  1. xafnir
    Version: 0.2.13
    This is an amazing plugin, it reminds me of the Modded client Creation Mod. I can't wait to see all of this in action fully supporting everything.

    You may already have this planned but here's a list that i think would be great to have integration with:

    - PyroFishing
    - MythicMods and ModelEngine
    - CustomItems and CustomItemsBridge
    - WorldEdit to be able to save all of this in schematics

    And especially this: Which would allow us to create generating villages with this type of automation.
    Version: 0.2.9
    Where can I download the resource bundle used by the plug-in and want to integrate it with my own resource bundle
  3. JW677
    Version: 0.2.7
    The best and only tech mod like plugin for Minecraft. Really cool for SMPs and other servers. Textures and models are all customisable and you can tweak it until you like it. 5 Stars
  4. virusburger101
    Version: 0.2.6
    This plugin is a must-have for any technical server/player! It is still early in development but there is a lot here that works really well and a lot more planned to get working further on. Join the discord to help report bugs and vote on upcoming additions to the plugin.
  5. CommandAndOrder
    Version: 0.2.6
    Although it's a ALPHA, it's also a multi-functional plugin, I hope it can be better in the future.
    And please reply me
  6. xHexical
    Version: 0.2.5
    Absolutely Stellar. Plugin pushes the limits of minecraft and the devs listen to suggestions.
  7. ShaXIR
    Version: 0.2.3
    Super, as always! keep adding new items, wish you success!

  8. imDaniX
    Version: 0.2.2
    That's such an awesome thing to have on modded-alike server. Even if it's still in early development, I'm thinking about using it as a core for the gameplay.
    P.s. Please update your armor stands kill command, in 1.13+ it's likely "/minecraft:kill @e[type=armor_stand]" and "/minecraft:kill @e[type=armor_stand,distance=..5]" with distance up to 5.
    1. CraftoryStudios
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.

      We are working on fixing this so you will never get duplicates. Will update command until then.
  9. dinoboss2001
    Version: 0.2.1
    me gusta la verdad me encanto espero futuros plugins tuyos asi y mejores que sean free xd
    1. CraftoryStudios
      Author's Response
      Thank you, glad you like it!
  10. ShaXIR
    Version: 0.2.0
    Simply the best technology plugin! keep up the good work! add new mechanisms, especially with the IC2 mod, and then success is guaranteed for this plugin!
    1. CraftoryStudios
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! We can’t wait to show you all the features we have planned.