Craftory Utils 1.0

A lightweight and effective utility plugin

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Matthew Jones
    Craftory Utils adds a variety of utility commands designed to assist you whilst playing Minecraft.

    The /calculate (/calc) command gives you access to several helpful functions to save you time.

    The /calculate calc command will compute the result of any mathematical expression you give it supporting all constants and functions in the Math JavaScript library. Executing the command /calculate calc 2+2*4+2 will result in you receiving the message "2+2*4+2 = 12.0"
    Functions and brackets can be used too e.g. /calc calc (2+sqrt(4)) * 2 gives the result of '(2+sqrt(4)) * 2 = 8.0'
    For a full list of functions see the wiki

    Many of the commands involve locations. There are 3 ways to specify locations to the plugin.
    1. x,y,z - Simply type the coordinates manually with a comma between the x, y and z part.
    2. Player Location - If you have the required permission you can use any players name to tell the plugin to use the current location of the player.
    3. Saved Locations - Users can save locations with the /calculate save command to allow easy reuse of locations, or locations calculated by the commands.
    The /calculate centre command takes any number of locations as its arguments and will return the central location of all given locations. Useful for finding a good place to meet or build.

    The /calculate distance command gives you the distance either between two locations or the distance you are from a location if only one is given. Using player and saved locations can be especially useful for this.

    The /calculate distanceNoY command works the same as the distance command but it will ignore any differences in elevation.

    The /calculate save command allows you to save locations to be used later. /calculate save House will save your current location under the name 'House'. You can use this later by simply typing House instead of a location. E.g. /calc distance House will tell you how far you are from your house.
    Along with saving your current location you can also save a specified location. This location can be specified similarly to the other commands; manually, from a players location or by using '<prev>'. /calc save Middle <prev> will save the location you most recently calculated using the plugin to the name Middle. This allows you to save the central location you calculated earlier.

    The /calculate listSaved command displays the saved locations of the given player, or your locations if no player is specified.

    The /calculate removeSaved command allows you to remove all or a specfic location saved by a player. If no player is specified it will remove your locations.

    The server console can also save locations so server administrators can make full use of the plugin as well.