CraftSpawners 1.7.9

This plugin allows you to create every mob spawner

  1. Lesboss_
    What does this plugin do? This plugin allows you to create every mob spawner there is, Check back regularly for updates.

    What type of server is this plugin good for? It is recommended for any server, It is best used on op servers, But every server can use it!

    Permissions? CraftableMobSpawners.recipelist

    How to install. Download CraftSpawners.jar
    Put CraftSpawners.jar in your "Plugins" folder.
    Stop/Reload your server.

    Look at the photos for more information


    1. 0ee169395809752894812147718ed4e9.png.-m1.png
    2. 6fff06a9fb3ce409505dd64be4ea68d3.png.-m1.png
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    7. 03749e0ae9349ccb715001a7a2c179ca.png.-m1.png
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    9. d7adb6ecf14e22911568694f1f54d37d.png.-m1.png
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