CrateCreator 3.0

CrateCreator is a desktop application to create balanced crates easily for CrazyCrates plugin.

  1. UnioDex
    CrateCreator is a Java desktop application to create balanced crates easily for CrazyCrates plugin.


    How it works?
    You can add rarity levels and items for players to earn from crates to these rarity levels with a simple, small GUI. CrateCreator will calculate each items chance and set the config values automatically.

    • Download CrazyCrates and unzip it.
    • Edit the crate.yml in CrateCreator/db folder. Don't add Prizes section. This will be handled by CrateCreator.
    • Run the program and add RRL's. RRL means Real Rarity Level and will be used for calculating item chances. By default I set Rare1: 50, Rare2: 25 and Legendary1: 25. So thanks to RRL we can add different chances for the same rarity level.
    • Add items. This is where RRL makes much more sense. You can add unlimited items to an RRL and this program will automatically set chances to each item depending on the RRL. For example if you add 10 items to Rare1 RRL we set before, every item will have 5% chance. And lets say you added 10 items to Rare2, these items will have 2.5% chance even though they both would be seen by players to have Rare chance.
    • Bake config.
    • Now you can use the crate.yml you edited before in CrazyCrates.
    Why is this useful?
    Creating balanced crates or simply adding new items to existing ones is really hard without breaking the balance. You have to calculate how many items is out there and do a lot of math. CrateCreator saves you the trouble of calculation. You only set RRL's and items. The rest of the work is belong to CrateCreator.

    I know this is not a simple program to understand or use but it can be very helpful. I first created it for personal usage so there isn't much documentation is out there. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, so we can improve it together.