Crawling 4.4

Improves the crawling mechanic in minecraft!

  1. new config, hold shift to start crawling and bug fixes

    • Remade the config to be easier to understand and configure. To be able to use it, delete your old config or copy the new config from the plugin's page.
    • You can now set it so you need to hold shift while looking down to start crawling instead of double shifting
    Bug Fixes:
    • Sometimes you would get stuck in crawling mode
    • You would sometimes get a lot of errors in console if you didnt have worldguard installed
    • You were able to enter crawling mode...
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  2. worldguard flag, resume crawling while in tunnels and bug fixes

    • Added a world guard flag to prevent players from crawling in regions
      • command: /rg flag region crawling deny/allow
    • You can now press shift in a tunnel to continue crawling oustide. You no longer need to keep shift pressed the whole time.
    • If you cant get up while in a region or on a block that you cant crawl on, you will now be pushed out of it
    Bug Fixes:
    • Players were immune to fall damage while crawling...
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  3. Ability to go down while crawling and other bug fixes

    • You can now quickly release shfit and press it back to go down blocks without leaving crawling mode
    • Optimized the way the plugin checks if the player is on a blacklisted block
    • Removed unused option in config
    Bug Fixes:
    • Sometimes the barriers above the player were not disappearing when entering water
    • Players were able to crawl on blacklisted blocks in the crawl everywhere mode
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  4. Bug Fixes

    Fixed a few bugs from the version 4.0
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  5. The ablity to crawl everywhere and other technical improvements

    • You can now crawl everywhere by sneaking 2 times while looking down. This can be disabled from the config.
    • If you re still holding shift while leaving an one block tunnel, you will continue to crawl untill you realease the key
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  6. Bug Fix

    Fixed bug where the blockstate of the block (sign content for example),would reset client-side after crawling under it.
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  7. Bug Fix

    fixed an error showing in console when trying to crawl in a tunnel with a trapdor
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  8. Crawling [REMADE]

    After almost 1 year i decided to remake this plugin from scratch.

    What is different for players in this new version is that the animation when entering a tunnel is smoother (Before, the block you were looking at flashed for a moment) and that you can't crawl everywhere anymore. The other differences in this new version are technical.

    In a future update I might add back the ability to crawl everywhere.
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  9. The plugin is using packets.

    I didn't test the plugin with another player, but it should work.

    New Features:

    • The plugin is using now packets.
    • You will get up when you teleport, die or touch a liquid.

    Solved bugs:

    • Passable blocks were destroyed when you were crawling under them
    • You...
  10. Double Shift to crawl - Version 2.1

    The crawl command may have some bugs! Please report in the Discussion tab if you find any.

    If you want to disable double shift to crawl and you don't find it in config, add it manually :
    Code (YAML):
    DoubleSneakToCrawl: true

    New Features: