Crazy Auctions v1.2.6

Ever want to have a market for players to Auction off by Selling or Bidding off items?

  1. v1.2.6 Update

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  2. v1.2.5.1 Update

    Bug Fix:
    - 1.8.8 and down servers would get an error from the categories tab.
  3. v1.2.5 Update

    Bug Fixes:
    - A blank line from Crazy Auctions would appear randomly in Console due to old MCUpdate class.
    - Damaged leather armor could be sold in the CA even if damaged items are turned off.
    - Trying to bid on an item that has just expired causes an error in console.

    - Bunch of code cleanup.
    - Switched from the old MCUpdate class to the new MassiveStats class.

    - New permission to force end auctions. "crazyauctions.force-end"
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  4. v1.2.4 Update

    - Comment in the config.yml said Budding instead of Bidding.
    - Small typos were found in the Messages.yml. Thanks to Fozzie for the pull request.
    - Some permission plugins such as BungeePerms did not work with /ah sell <Price>.

    - AuctionWinBidEvent: called when someone wins a bidding item. Only called if the winner is online.
    - AuctionNewBidEvent: called when a player places a bid onto an item.
    - AuctionListEvent: called when a player lists a new item...
  5. v1.2.3 Update

    Bug Fix:
    - Error when MCUpdate goes down.
    - Error from a method that was running async when it shouldn't have been.

    - Cleaned up some code for easier reading.
  6. v1.2.2 Update

    Hello, this is a quick update to remove MCStats Metrics.

    - MCStats metrics has been removed due to it being dead.
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  7. v1.2.1 Update

    Hello, this is just a small update.

    - Updater Message has been moved to async to stop any lag from coming from it.
    - Internal auto updater has been moved to async to protect from making lag.

    - New MCUpdate metrics.
  8. v1.2 Update

    Hello, here is a small update that adds a couple requested things.

    This update contains some file changes.
    Please add these new lines to stop any errors.

    Add these lines under Line 31.
    Code (Text):
        - '&e-- &6Crazy Auctions Help &e--'
        - '&9/Ah - &eOpens the crazy auction.'
        - '&9/Ah View <Player> - &eSee what a player is selling.'
        - '&9/Ah Sell/Bid <Price> [Amount of items] - &eList the item you are holding on the crazy auction.'
        - '&9/Ah...
  9. v1.1.4 Update || Less bugs and a new Aliases.

    Hello, this update fixes a couple bugs and also adds the /HDV aliases so players in Europe because they use that instead of /Ac.

    - /HDV aliases to the command so some servers in Europe.

    - Error in console when trying to get a players money.
    - Players loosing items when inventory is full.
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  10. v1.1.3 Update || Small fix

    This update fixes a small bug that was reported. Minecraft 1.11 should already be supported and not break this plugin when updating to 1.11.
    - Small bug with how the numbers work.
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