Crazy Crates v1.10

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  1. v1.9 Update, Yes 1.8.8-1.12.2 is back and they brought 1.13+ quadcrates with them.

    This update contains file changes
    These changes are not required but are recommended.

    1.13+ users:
    When updating it is recommended you delete your old schematics folder to allow CC to regenerate it with the new .nbt schematic files if you wish to use QuadCrate crate type.

    Preview Options:
    Preview options were moved to each crate file and if you wish to enable/disable them please add the new lines to your files.
    New Lines 1.13+: Here
    New Lines 1.12.2-: Here

    Change Log Below

    - 1.8.8-1.12.2 support has been re-added due to the high number of requests.
    - QuadCrate is now available from 1.8.8-1.14.2.
    - Previews can now be controlled per crate in each crate's file.
    - Preview boarders can now be toggled off.
    - Preview glass color can now be changed and can be set to different items.
    - Cosmic tiers can now be set to any kind of item they wish.
    - If broadcast message is empty but enabled it will no longer send blank messages and will now be auto toggled off.
    - Preview-Disabled message now added to message a player if that crate's preview is disabled.
    - "/cc set1/set2" command for when setting the positions for the new schematic.
    - "/cc save <schematic file name>" command to save the new schematic to the schematics folder.

    - Chest direction has been moved from NMS to the QuadCrateSession class due to finding a way to do it without NMS.
    - Overhaul on the way particle locations for QuadCrate's spiral particle locations are calculated. Instead of all locations in a circle, it just grabs each location per haft of the spiral per location.
    - QuadCrate class recode to now be much more legible and now only controls what the player does while opening the crate.
    - QuadCrateSession class now hold all info per QuadCrate opened. Makes controlling everything much easier.
    - QuadCrate timer for afk players was moved to a variable in the CrazyCrates class to makes it easier to grab.
    - QuadCrate for MC 1.13+ will be using the .nbt schematics due to old .schematic folders not being up to date.
    - All files for 1.8.8-1.12.2 will be grabbed from the 1.12.2-Down folders and files and 1.13+ will grab from the 1.13-Up files and folders.
    - Random spelling mistakes fixed.
    - Sounds effects have been redone so that they support the different sound names 1.9+ has compared to 1.8.8.
    - Split code for item pickup events due to 1.11.2- using different event then 1.12+.
    - Renamed default schematic files to use lowercase names.
    - Default crate files now have fewer options by default to make them smaller and allow users to see most options are "Optional". Though the default #1 prize in the basic crate has all options to show users every option available to them.

    Possibly Fixed:
    - *Rare Issue* CSGO would spam the prizes when server TPS is VERY low.
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