Crazy Crates v1.10

Want some good quality crates without paying money for them? Then check this Crate Plugin Out.

  1. v1.9.10 Update

    - Now checks Off-Hand when checking for a key.
    - Players opening a crate can no longer pick up items. This is due to users inventories getting full when opening a crate and caused issues.
    - PlaceholderAPI placeholders can now be added to the following options. Commands, Items(Name and Lores), and Messages for each prize.

    - Physical Crates did not take keys from the off-hand.
    - NPE when trying to open a physical crate with another crate key.
    - Player Heads would not load a skin when using the player's name on 1.8.8 servers.
    - When using the open all feature with the QuickCrate crate type it would only consume 1 key at a time in some situations.
    - 1.14+ enchantments did not get added when using the DisplayEnchantments: option on display items.

    - Placeholder items for page buttons have been changed to be the same item as the border item for the preview.
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