Crazy Crates v1.9.5

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  1. v1.9.5 Update

    - Default messages file had some small rewrite for the Not-Online option.
    - Updated NBT-API.

    - Quick Crate and QuadCrate would error when trying to display an item that's amount is set to 0.
    - Sometimes wrong players were getting the prize.

    Thanks to Hito and UnioDex for the PR this update.
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  2. v1.9.4 Update

    - When a player is given a key they now receive the Obtaining-Key message. New Line
    - Disabling the glass boarder disables the bottom row as well.
    - New option in each crate that allows you to set the size of the preview based on the number of rows you wish to have from 3-6 rows...., Vestle, Qinak and 6 others like this.
  3. v1.9.3 Update

    - Player: option can now use a Hash/Base64 as the player skin for the player heads. This works with URLs as well.
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  4. v1.9.2 Update

    - QuadCrate would never take the player's key.

    Possible Fix:
    - This should fix the support for BetterDrops as I thought it was an NBT tag but found out its a metadata on the dropped item's entity. This is once again untested but should work.
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  5. v1.9.1 Update

    If using 1.13+ please regenerate your schematics folder.
    Old schematic files were corrupted and have been fixed.

    - 1.13+ schematic files were corrupted when building the jar.
    - Quadcrate particles for the 1st chest to spawn only showed haft of the particle animation.

    - BetterDrops support has been...
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  6. v1.9 Update, Yes 1.8.8-1.12.2 is back and they brought 1.13+ quadcrates with them.

    This update contains file changes
    These changes are not required but are recommended.

    1.13+ users:
    When updating it is recommended you delete your old schematics folder to allow CC to regenerate it with the new .nbt schematic files if you wish to use QuadCrate crate type.

    Preview Options:
    Preview options were moved to each crate file and if you wish to enable/disable them please...
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  7. v1.8.11 Update

    - The plugin would disable on 1.13.2 servers because it thought it was loading on a server that was 1.12.2 or lower.
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  8. 1.8.10 Update

    - New HideItemFlags option for display items.
    - Default crate files look a little better with the comments.

    - Small color format issue fixed.
    - When giving keys to a CrateOnTheGo crate type crate with /cc giveall it would only give the players 1 key instead of the specified amount.

    Thanks to I9hdkill, JohnnyPixelz, and nossr50 for the pull requests in this update.
  9. v1.8.9 Update

    - Updated PlaceholderAPI to the new placeholder system.

    - Error in console showing up when doing inventory stuff.
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  10. v1.8.8 Update

    Hello everyone, I'll be working on trying to move CC to 1.14 soon just waiting for a more stable release before I do anything to make CC 1.14 compatible.

    - When viewing another page of a crate with the same Preview-Name: option set to the same thing causes it to show another crates preview instead.
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