Crazy Enchantments || New GKitz v1.

A enchantment plugin that adds 80+ enchantments and cool features to your server.

  1. Kicjow
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Dev: BadBones69(Me)
    Welcome to the Crazy Enchantments Plugin Page. This plugin has a bunch of enchantments that your players can have fun with. This plugin has over 80+ enchantments. You can now also make your own enchantments.

    List of Enchantments.
    • Now 80+ Enchantments!!
    • Make your own Enchantments
    • Sign Shop
    • Lots of customizing
    • Black/White Scrolls
    • Destroy/Success Rate
    • Categories for enchantments
    • GUI Shop
    • Enchantment Limiter
    • Magical Dust
    • Crazy Tinkerer
    • Black Smith
    • Lost Books
    • GKitz
    • Scrambler
    • And More!!!
    For more information on how the features work check out the wiki.

    Supported Plugins:
    - World Guard: Set Block Break to Deny in a region to protect from enchantments.
    - Silk Spawners
    - Feudal

    - Kingdoms+

    Factions by Massive Craft
    - FactionsUUID
    - ASkyBlock: Allows the Wings enchantment to work on islands.
    - MegaSkills

    - Towny
    - Legacy Factions

    Supported Currencies:

    Commands and Permissions:

    Sign Shop Usage:
    Sign shops have 3 different types. They are Category, Black Scroll, and White Scroll shops. The category shops run the same as the GUI. It will use your XP and give you a book. The other two tho can be bought using money or XP(Lvls/Total).

    To make a Sign Shop you need to decide to make a Category, Black Scroll, White Scroll shop.
    How to make a Category Shop
    Replace <Category> with one of your categories.
    I'll replace it with the default T1 and this is what I get

    How to make a Black/White Scroll Shop
    You can replace Black Scroll with White scroll to get the white scroll shop.
    And this is the default look for Black Scroll Sign shops

    New English



    Source Code

    These are translations made by community members. They have shared these with me to allow people who don't speak English to have an easier time to edit the files.


    Want to live chat? Join my Discord server.

    If any bugs are found please report them here.
    >>Report Bugs Here<<


    This plugin uses the ArmorEquipEvent plugin for the potion effect enchantments.

Recent Updates

  1. v1. Update
  2. v1. Update
  3. v1.7.9.3 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. p82183645
    Version: v1.
    Good plugin, but there is a small problem
    Currency: Vault
    Will cause the exchange of books, no dust

    use XP_Total
    There will be

    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I am not totally sure what you mean, can you PM me and explain a bit more for me.
  2. QuikMiner
    Version: v1.
    EPIC PLUGIN!!! I personally use it on Viper Network. ( Thanks SO MUCH for providing source code! I am a developer there and I really needed it to customise :)
    Anyway thanks for providing this to all of us at no cost, I love it!
    You're so selfless lol usually I pay $100+ for source code on other plugins...
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I like to allow everyone to be able to use my plugins because it helps grow the plugin faster and give a lot more people access to it. I do have a donation button on the Spigot Page to allow people to help support the plugins <3
  3. SammyPlaysYT
    Version: v1.
    It's a good plugin but...

    The comments on the configs are making it more harder to edit text.
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Not sure how it would. They are meant to show people how stuff works and give them info on what does what.
  4. MewTwoHero
    Version: v1.
    Absolutely love this plugin. Works perfectly as Custom Dungeon loot and some some really great features!
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. <3
  5. TrytzyHD
    Version: v1.
    Good plugin!. just one question how do I give perms to players? whats the perm file
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. To give players permissions you need to use a permission plugin. You may need to do some googling/youtubing to learn how.
  6. Ethan2131
    Version: v1.
    Phenominal! Just 1 request, add more pre-made g-kits. Oh, and could you add a price on gkits or tell me how to create a price?
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.

      1. The premade GKitz are just meant to show off how it works.

      2. I may be adding that later but I am not sure at this time if I will.
  7. ElementalShadow
    Version: v1.
    Plugin is great but how to diseable Book-Failing? Example: When I put blast 3 on pick book is destroyed and there is massage "Your book must not like your enchantment"
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Currently, there is no disabling the Failing. I may add this later on.
  8. luffy1025
    Version: v1.
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I am not sure why that happened. I didn't change anything to break that so maybe its your client or server not loading it correctly.
  9. TimothyJoey
    Version: v1.
    Amazing plugin!
    I love the ability to customise it so much!
    I have a question though,

    Is there a way to give players permissions to unlock/gain
    specific enchants only?
    for example: I don't want a normal member to get 'Confusion' when buying enchants, but I want staff members to be abled to get them.
    Are there any permission nodes for problems like that?

    For now that's my only question,
    Again amazing plugin!
    would totally recommend it.

    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      THanks for the review. Currently no sorry, I don't plan on adding that at the moment either. I may later down the road though. Thanks a lot for the suggestion and review. <3
  10. dlav
    Version: v1.
    An epic plugin! So good in-fact, I had to donate! Dev has done an outstanding job with this plugin. Hope to see some extra special features in the future :D
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Thanks so much for the donation <3