Crazy Enchantments v1.8 Dev Build v9

A enchantment plugin that adds 80+ enchantments and cool features to your server.

  1. v1.8 Dev Build v9 Update

    ChangeLog 1.png ChangeLog 2.png ChangeLog 3.png ChangeLog 4.png
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  2. v1.8 Dev Build v8 Update

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  3. v1.8 Dev Build v7 Update

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  4. Development Build of v1.8 release v6.1

    !! Update Warning !!
    This update is a development build aka dev build.
    Due to the nature of the build, it is NOT recommended for full production servers as it may contain many bugs and or game-breaking errors. Please consider this before choosing to update.
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  5. v1.7.9.4 Update

    - MassiveStats due to its shutdown.

    - bStats to replace MassiveStats.
  6. v1. Update

    Hello everyone, sorry for not having any updates for almost a year but I have been so busy irl and trying to work on the CE v1.8 update is taking longer then I hopped. I have been hard at work on the CE v1.8 update as I do have 3 Dev Builds on the GitHub for 1.13.2 servers.

    This is a small update to help fix a duplication bug in anvils.

    Bug Fix:
    - Using a black scroll on the result item in an anvil would create a CE book without taking the enchantment from the original...
  7. v1. Update

    Bug Fixes:
    - A blank line from Crazy Enchantments would appear randomly in Console due to old MCUpdate class.
    - Telepathy enchantment would not give the user's cocoa beans when breaking a cocoa bean plant.
    - Telepathy would sometimes give broken texture blocks for slabs and leaves.
    - Telepath + Silk Touch would sometimes give duplicate blocks for Sea Lanterns.
  8. v1. Update

    - Vanilla enchantments are hidden in Gkit items.
    - Small Spelling error for the FeedMe description.
    - GKitz was hiding vanilla enchantments when custom enchantments were added to the item. This affected 1.10 down.

    - /ce add now supports the real name of the enchantment instead of only the custom name.

    - Some code clean up to make it look nicer.
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  9. v1. Update

    - 1.7 servers would get an error from ItemFlags since 1.7 does not have ItemFlags.
    - BlackSmith not giving 1.11+ servers glowing books when combining books.
    - Left clicking an enchantment book would show the enchantment description. This should have been right click only.
    - Some servers kept getting errors about the Unbreaking option because I was using a Spigot only method which seemed to break even on different Spigot versions. I switched to NBT tags to stop these...
  10. v1. Update

    Bug Fixes:
    - Older Spigot/PaperSpigot servers would get an error when loading the plugin.
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