Crazy Enchantments 1.1

adds unsafe enchantments 32767 level

  1. diamante_0018
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Type /unsafeench to use this plugin.
    This plugin will add a lot of very useful enchantments to items such as armour, swords and tools. The level of these enchantments will be super high!
    Let me know if I missed some enchantments for specific items.
    Here a quick demo:

    I decided that the highest level will be 32767 (for durability, sharpness, etc.) that doesn't mean that 32767 (which corresponds to the max of the signed short int data type) is the limit. In theory, the limit could is much higher. The enchantment level is stored as a 32-bit integer so in the highest number possible is 2^31 - 1. A number that high will probably crash the game.
    32767 enchantments have been used without too many problems on survival servers therefore it seems that this is the limit before the game crashes or something bad happens. I don't know if in the past the short data type was actually used but this is definitely not the case for 1.15.2.

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