CrazyMoon 3.0

make your moon get crazy!

  1. shawlaf
    Version: 3.0
    I took a look at the source code
    you cast sender to a Player before checking if the sender actually is a Player, Incoming ClassCastException.
    You also did not follow the Java naming conventions and print out "CrazyMoon has been enabled", did you know bukkit already does that for you?
    Have you ever hear of ChatColor?
    Also why is your Main class implementing Listener
    when you are not listening to any events?
    you use label.equals() instead of cmd.getName().equals()
    When a player runs /crazymoon on, you are canceling a task, that might not exist, because the int CrazyMoon only get's a value when you invoke
    CrazyMoon(), which is invoked after you cancel the task.
    And all this plugin does is run a Scheduler that changes time.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      its been a long time since i uploaded this plugin, i am recoding it soon
  2. JustThiemo
    Version: 3.0
    You just change time with a scheduler..
  3. Xenoyia
    Version: 2.5
    Literally the best plugin ever made.
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      thanks! i am soo happy to finally hear a good stuff about it :)
      thank you soo much.
  4. smrkn
    Version: 2.5
    I was expecting something slightly better than a runnable that simply changes the world time, pretty disappointing.
  5. Chemi
    Version: 2.0
    The plugin is good, and the idea is good. But the plugin is pretty basic and thats why I gave only 4 stars.
    But I think the plugin should have more functions, cuz changing time is pretty basic.
    And the plugin should be more editable.
    Good luck!
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      thanks for tagging my Plugin 4 Stars! even 4 is perfect! and yes i know, this plugin is aucally just to check if i worth my Coding... at the start when i first Uploaded it, it has 20 Downloads in 1 day! soo i keeped updating him with every single code!
      now config btw :)
      soo thanks for Explorering my plugin and its good to see Peoples acually like my plugin! thank you!
  6. keelan
    Version: 1.3
    xD That's pretty cool
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      thank you xD
      its acually did'nt take more then 10 Minutes to Dev the first release of it XD
  7. Gimmes
    Version: 1.2
    Fun plugin,
    My review on
    CrazyMoon 1.2

    Reload worked?

    Restart needed?
    Not needed

    Has help menu?

    Needs other plugins?

    If you have /gamerule doDaylightCycle false it doesn't work.
    If you do /CrazyMoon credits it displays version 1.0 in version 1.2

    Created config?
    1. OfirTIM
      Author's Response
      thanks for Viewing my plugin!
      this i had little bug with the gamerule doDaylightCycle soo i gonna fix it in next update!
      the credits was the last thing i was thinking about :P soo i will fix it too in the next update!
      i did'nt said something about config.yml! because for now its still on the start... maybe in update 1.5 we will add Config...