Creative Parkour (Post Covid19) w/ working Mario Kart Ghosts 2.11.10r8.031

It survived covid19, revived test 1.16.4 server @

  1. mindping
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Most downloaded maps are now playable!!
    (which means you may need to delete the maps and redownload the current ones)

    Maps download now with good replacement blocks
    Maps download now with good signs, ladders, jumppads, and speedpads ect..
    When you download a map in the first 5 seconds after joining it you can /cp edit to start editing it, then /cp test then run the course, then /cp publish AMESOMENAME then /cp share
    Do not enable pressure plates as special blocks in config file!

    Initial Setup:

    Load the jar, join server, OP YOURSELF, disconnect from server

    join the server AS OPPED PLAYER with the setting for autoSetupOpLogin: = true

    (and lag to end and maps to populate)

    change config setting for autoSetupOpLogin: = false

    Restart Server

    Initial setup is now done!

    To make a test map:

    join server, type /cp create
    make a <death> sign on bedrock
    And Then.. These rest of the signs need to be on blocks HIGHER then the <death> sign
    make a <spawn> sign where people spawn in to map
    make a <start> sign where the timer starts
    make your map
    make a <end> sign where the end goal is
    type /cp test
    run/play your map start to end to validate it
    type /cp publish (give the map a name here)
    type /cp share and share it to the server for kicks

    To Import:
    Select the 2 corners with your worldedit \\wand tool
    type /cp importsel


    Added PlotSquared support
    Stand on a plot you own and type /cp plot

    To import prebuilt stuff, use
    and select it then run /cp plot importsel

    I am temporary hosting the master server files, I will release the webserver files soon so others can host thier own master server to keep the plugin alive. It no longer will count on one master server to stay alive.

    *Update: true in config does not work at the moment. No automatic updating!

    test 1.16.4 server @ minecraft server:
    Join the server and type /cp list

    For spigot 1.7 - 1.12.2 Click Here

    I have revived this classic mario kart ghost time trial featured parkour build your own plugin.

    grab it while its alive and free

    Visit the old plugin to see the videos and features..

    CreativeParkour is a plugin that allows your players to create, publish, share, download and play fun parkour maps in secure areas. Players can compare their jump skills in parkour maps they build!
    This plugin has unique features like player ghosts (inspired by Mario Kart) that will add fun and competitiveness to your server with a cool and easy-to-use parkour game. Downloading CreativeParkour will instantly allow your players to build their own parkours and have fun with community-made parkour maps from, for free!

    Plugin features
    Map creation
    • Each player gets a secured plot to build their parkour map in creative mode (it doesn't need plot plugins)
    • Players' inventory are stored and given back when they leave the map (even if the server crashes!)
    • WorldEdit with most of the usual commands like set, copy, undo... (completely secured and restricted to parkour maps and AsyncWorldEdit compatible)
    • Players can build maps with friends (with "/cp invite <player>") and easily manage the contributor list ("/cp contributors")
    • Special signs to set spawn, start and end points, unlimited checkpoints, death height, death blocks (these signs disappear and are not special blocks like in other plugins, so all the blocks can be used to make good looking maps!)
    • Special signs to give potion effects to players (like speed, jump boost, blindness...)
    • Special signs to give Ender Pearls or Elytra to players
    • Special signs to teleport players within the map
    • Special options to disable sneak ans door interactions or make deadly lava or water
    • Unlimited tests
    • Custom names for maps
    • Timer (0.05 second precision)
    • Accurate leaderboards
    • Spectator mode (even first person!)
    • Player ghosts (like in Mario Kart) for even more challenge and replay your course, with many commands (rewind, speed...) to spectate them as you want (requires ProtocolLib)
    • Player visibility can easily be changed to transparent or invisible (requires ProtocolLib)
    • Special hotbar items to return to start, checkpoints, or leave the game
    • Map difficulty rating by players
    • Map list in a nice GUI
    • Custom rewards for players (custom items, XP, money...)
    • Messages along the course that can be disabled with a simple GUI ("/cp settings")
    Map download
    These features involve communications with, you can disable them by setting "enabled" to false in the "online" section of the "configuration.yml" file
    • Players can download maps created by the community in game or at for free
    • Signs to play, create and join maps and build a professional lobby
    • The plugin is available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish), everyone can translate it, click here to get information.
    • Maps can be edited or deleted
    • Maps can be exported and imported using files
    • Server admins are automatically notified in Minecraft and by email (if they want) when CreativeParkour detects cheaters
    • Server admins can configure if players are teleported where they were before or at a specific location when the leave maps
    • Auto updater (can be disabled in configuration.yml)
    • Maps are stored in a special world, or wherever you want
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 compatibility

    Click here for a detailed command list.
    These commands are the 3 most important to know (The Big Three):
    /cp play [map name] : Displays the map list to choose a map and play on it (or directly teleports the player to the specified map).
    /cp create : Puts the player in a new map in creation mode. They can also come back to their last edited map and find maps in which their were invited by using this command.
    /cp leave : If the player is in a map, teleports them where they were before playing CreativeParkour.

    Click here for detailed information about permissions in CreativeParkour.

    CreativeParkour uses several YAML files to store data and configuration. They are created in the <your_server>/plugins/CreativeParkour folder.
    Click here for full information about configuring the plugin with these files.

    • Download CreativeParkour.jar
    • Move this file into your plugins folder
    • Run your server, log in as an operator, and follow the instructions (type "/cp config")
    • After that, type "/cp create" to start building your first CreativeParkour map!
    It is recommended to install the plugins below.

    Optional dependencies
    It is recommended to install these plugins to enable all the CreativeParkour features on your server and prevent issues:
    • WorldEdit (to build parkour maps more easily)
    • ProtocolLib (to enable ghost and player visibility features)
    • Vault (to prevent permissions issues if you have a permission plugin like PermissionsEx and use money rewards)

    The plugin is available in several languages. It is translated by the community, and you can easily contribute here by translating it in your language, helping ongoing translations, or fixing mistakes. Click here for more information about translations.

    Lobby signs
    Signs can be placed anywhere on your server to allow players to create and play maps by clicking on them, or to display leaderboards. With this feature, you can for example create a parkour lobby with signs to join maps and walls displaying leaderboards!
    Click here for a full documentation.

    CreativeParkour has an API that other plugins can use for whatever they want. Visit GitHub to get information about this API.

    Video tutorials


    Other information
    • When you will use the plugin for the first time, you will be asked to use the "/cp config" command to configure it. After that, it is not recommended to change "map storage" settings in configuration.yml.
    • Make sure to allow creative mode in the map storage world.
    • I really care about the quality of this plugin, please report any problem.
    • I'm French and I'm learning English, so if you find any mistakes here or in the plugin, please warn me.
    • The background of the image on top is from Journey, a very good CreativeParkour map made by ClassyGuitarGal.

Recent Reviews

  1. Archorous
    Version: 2.11.10r8.031
    Really appreciating the revival of this plugin. Occasional issues here and there, but that's to be expected. Is there a chance of this being open sourced?
  2. dylanu
    Version: v2.11.10r8.1
    Love this plugin, thank you for maintaining dev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. mindping
      Author's Response
      Your welcome! I plan to release the masterserver and files/maps ect if you want to take them to keep it alive, keep an eye out for them!