Creative Pearls 1.0

Allows the use of EnderPearls in Creative. Simple.

  1. ChazMeister
    ChazMeister - Charlie
    NOTICE: This plugin is now obsolete in 1.9+


    This plugin allows the use of enderpearls in creative mode. Simple!

    The player hears the default throw enderpearl sound and the default particles appear when it hits an object.

    The enderpearl will not be consumed in creative.

    A picture of the plugin being used to throw an enderpearl in creative mode.


    Install the plugin like any other, just download the jar file and drop it in the plugins folder.

    You can now start or reload your server (/rl) to load the plugin.

    The plugin is now setup and ready to go!

    You will also see a folder called 'PluginMetrics' if you do not want to submit data to fill a graph lower on the page just edit the 'opt-out' value in its config to true.

    Happy enderpearling!


    There are no commands, permissions or config files.


    • Play around with stopping endermites from spawning when in creative mode from enderpearls.

    Plugin Metrics

    You can also check out for more interesting statistics.
    Creator's Note

    IMPORTANT: I now know that there are other plugins that do the same, I am not trying to direct attention away from them, I just wanted to let a project that had been in my library for a long time see the light of day. I hope this clears up any issues anyone has. Please do not accuse me of copying someone else's idea.

    Thank you for reading, any feedback, ideas and bug reports are welcomed. This plugin was very fun to work on!

    Please do not redistribute or direct link, redirect people to this page.

    I will be happy to respond to any questions as soon as I can.

    Also, be sure to check out my other plugins!


Recent Reviews

  1. ImDaFatBoss
    Version: 1.0
    This does what it says it does, so I'm fine with that :D
    1. ChazMeister
      Author's Response
      Thank you!