Creative Planning 1.4

Plan builds in advance and gather the resources needed after.

  1. mathiaseklund
    This plugin can be used on Survival servers for easier building of houses but still requiring the users to actually build what they want as well.
    How does it accomplish this? Simple:
    If a player has the permission "cp.use" or is an Operator they can use the commands: /cp, /cp scrap and /cp finish <name>.

    /cp - Toggles build mode, saves your old inventory and sets your gamemode to creative, also limiting what you can do, for example disabling destroying any blocks that are not placed by you in build mode.

    /cp scrap - Scraps the build you are currently building, removing all blocks placed.

    /cp finish [buildName] - Typing this command will save all your placed blocks, then remove them from view. A chest gets placed at the location where you type the command, which will contain the amounts of blocks you need to build your build.

    Now you might be asking? How do I bring my build into reality?
    To do that you simply go into the chest that was placed down and press on items in your inventory to transfer them into the chest inventory, which will place the block and start building your house.
    When you have built the build completely the chest will be automatically removed.

    cp.use -
    A player with this permission has access to all commands, there are no admin features in this plugin.

    Feel free to comment about suggestions to the plugin or any potential bugs that you as a customer have found.
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Recent Reviews

  1. herrozonia
    Version: 1.4
    why is that everytime i type in cp, it said this command is not support yet? Can you tell me what am I supposed to do to fix that?
  2. harrison015
    Version: 1.4
    Developer added my request :)
    I can see this being a cool feature on servers, including mine. Thanks mathiaseklund!
    1. mathiaseklund
      Author's Response
      No problem
  3. harrison015
    Version: 2015-12-03
    This is an interesting idea, and I have tried it on my server to see if there was any way to cheat items before I put this plugin on my real server. Turns out, inventories such as chests and dispensers can have items in them and when not in the planning mode they can take the items back out! The solution could be to not allow editing inventories in planning mode, or tracking what is placed inside and not letting people access when not in planning mode. I will gladly change to 5 stars when this is fixed :)
    1. mathiaseklund
      Author's Response
      Thank you for this piece of valuable information, I will of course fix this issue asap.