CreativeSecurity 1.0

Secure your Creative server! Disable Iron Golem spawning and more.

  1. PlanetBrunei
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    What is CS?
    CS is a Creative server protector! It will protect you from spawning abuse, tnt abuse and much more. It is a free plugins & open source.

    What does CS provide?
    • Disable Tnt/Creeper/Other explosions
    • Disable Dispensing Items such as Lava/Tnt/MonsterEggs/Water
    • Disable Certain Block Placing such as Tnt/CommandBlocks/Lava/Water
    • Disable Spawning Certain Mobs such as Wither/Snowman/IronGolem/Dragon/ArmorStand
    • Disable Weather Changing
    Where can I find the config.yml?
    You can find them here.

    Commands & Permissions
    • /Cs reload - cs.admin
    Test Server:

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