CreativeShare 2015-08-03

Allow multiplayer teamwork within creative servers grief free!

  1. Deathmask
    This plugin allows for teamwork in creative servers, without users having the fear of griefing. Create and Share lets players save, delete, overwrite, and place their own schematics, as well as let users get access to and place the schematics of others. This allows users to work work together on projects without adding each other to a plot, or bypassing other grief protections. One person can make a window, for someone else's fantasy house then that window may just start popping up all over your server. Trees can be custom made, and then everyone's forest looks beautiful! The benefits of professional Build Teams can be accomplished by the masses collaborating together. This plugin makes it all possible.

    Save a region as a schematic. Region is selected using the WorldEdit wand. List the schematic names of any player, and grab a spawn egg for that schematic. Place schematics from the bottom center of selection, by right clicking with the spawn egg associated with that schematic. Compatible with PlotMe's grief protection. The schematics are saved to .schematic files in folders for each player. The files are commonly used for MCEdit and as well as other plugins so creations can be used anywhere. More features are coming! (Watch out for Buying and Selling) Dependencies: Create and Share relies on the plugin WorldEdit.

    cas.share - This gives the player permission to save schematics to their folder. The command is /cas share <name of schematic>. cas.list - This gives the player permission to open a chest GUI of any player containing spawn eggs for their schematics. The command is /cas list [name of player]. If the name is left blank it will open the GUI for the player who ran the command. cas.delete - This gives a player permission to delete their own schematics. The command is /cas delete <name of schematic>. - This gives the player permission to use an alternative to the spawn eggs for placing the schematic. The command is /cas place <name of player> <name of schematic>. Configurations:

    Code (config.yml):
    SchematicMaxFiles: 5 SchematicMaxSize: 5000 SpawnMaterial: MONSTER_EGG:98 SchematicMaxFiles is the maximum number of schematics a user may have. SchematicMaxSize is the maximum size, in blocks, of the region that can be used to create a schematic. SpawnMaterial is the item used as a spawn egg for the schematics.


    1. Download CreativeShare
    2. Rename It to CreativeShare.jar {Delete The .Zip At The End}
    3. Put CreativeShare in plugin directory
    4. Reload your server!

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