Creeper Egg Launch 1.2

Allows you to shoot a Creeper spawn egg

  1. Strahan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Built and tested on 1.16, but should really work on most versions.


    For a player to use a creeper egg, they need creeperegglaunch.creepegg.launch. To not deplete their supply of eggs, you can give them creeperegglaunch.unlimited


    charged ignited radius:# health:# fuse:#

    Creates the special spawn egg. Pass no args and it makes a generic one with no special effects.


    Spawns the creeper as a charged creeper


    Spawns the creeper with its fuse lit already

    Sets the explosion radius

    Sets the creeper's health value

    Sets the time, in ticks, that the fuse will last before detonation​

    CREEPEGGCFG velocity #

    Sets the velocity multiplier for the snowball's vector. Leave 1 for standard snowball, or raise it as desired to make the snowball fly faster

    CREEPEGGCFG loretitle #

    Sets the first line of the lore that will apply to the special egg.

    CREEPEGGCFG reload

    Reloads the config from disk


    I made it so language support other than English would not be difficult. Just edit the config file and you'll see the messages section has the messages that get sent when you use the commands. The localization section has entries for each argument of the main command so you can adjust what the arg names are, so you could change from /creepegg charged to like /creepegg cargada if you so wish. The lore part of localization is what will show in the egg's lore for the feature. Be aware though that if you change the lore settings after the plugin has been in use, eggs created with the old values will no longer function properly. Same with lore title. The plugin looks for the lore title to know it's a special egg, so if you change the title old eggs won't be detected.

    In retrospect, I probably should have tried seeing if I could apply the settings to the spawned item with tags or the persistent data container. I'll do that for version 2 ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Guiltyreaper
    Version: 1.0
    its a decent plugin just needs to be updated and needs commands to just give the creeper egg
    1. Strahan
      Author's Response
      I'm confused; it's built on 1.16 and runs fine under the latest revision so what issue are you having that makes you think it needs updated?

      Also there IS a command to give a creeper egg; /creepegg. You don't have to use the parameters, you can just do /creepegg to get a basic launchable Creeper egg with no special effects.