Creeper Explosion Pranks 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT

A plugin for messing with your friends.

  1. Raditz
    This plugin adds different types of creeper explosions that can be used to mess with friends, or just for fun. There are currently 5 different creeper explosions that can be set in a configuration file. The first preset creates an explosion that places doors, the second preset creates an explosion that spawns fireworks, the third preset creates an explosion that spawns a stack of dirt, the fourth preset creates an explosion that spawns TNT, and the fifth preset (most likely the one that you're going to want to try) creates an explosion 7 times more powerful than a normal creeper and in addition sets everything in range on fire. The fifth preset isn't recommended as it has caused quite a bit of lag in testing, but if you've backed up your world and really want to troll your friends, go for it. Here's a screenshot of what that explosion looks like. 2016-01-02_21.01.44 (Copy).jpg
    You can also completely disable creeper explosions in the config if you wish, or set the creeper explosions back to default. More types of explosions will be added upon request. More information on how to configure the plugin in the configuration file. That's it, hope you guys enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. Bolean
    Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
    Might be use full add more features please add more like particles or any features thanks for your plugin
    1. Raditz
      Author's Response
      Thanks for rating my plugin! What kind of particle effects did you have in mind?