CreepersTrimGrass 1.2

Creepers will turn grass blocks into dirt, instead of breaking the blocks. Highly configurable!

  1. 1.2: reduce jar size

    Changed the used Command framework to reduce the jar size of the plugin.
    Requires Spigot 1.17+
  2. support for 1.17

    Fixed an error on startup when using Spigot 1.17.
  3. 1.0: added a config with many options!

    • Added a very advanced config where you can configure anything you've ever wanted to configure with creeper explosions!
      • WorldGuard and GriefPrevention support.
    • Lots of optimizations.
    • And more... check the config.
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  4. 0.2: lots of improvements

    • Makes explosions more smooth with better particle effects, sounds.
    • Leaves now also break from creeper explosions.
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