Crewsf 0.8 STABLE

A way of factions without the claiming

  1. lucasouwens

    Me and my friend wanted to make a server with guns, funstuff and crews, however there were no real good crew plugins so we decided to let me make one, it all started with a speedcode by another friend of mine

    and then i went to work to modify it and also fix the bugs in it, right now it is still in its experimental phase, however with your help we can fix it completely and add new features!


    This plugin uses very little permissions, however they are important to notice so here's the list
    • /crew ally <crewname>
    • /crew buypower <OPT=AMOUNT>
    • /crew close
    • /crew create <crewname>
    • /crew delhideout
    • /crew demod <crewmod>
    • /crew desc <description>
    • /crew disband <ADMIN=CREWNAME>
    • PERMISSION: crew.disband.others
    • /crew help <page>
    • /crew home
    • /crew invite <player>
    • /crew join <crewname>
    • /crew kick <crewmember>
    • /crew leader <crewmember>
    • /crew leave
    • /crew list <page>
    • /crew mod <crewmember>
    • /crew neutral <targetcrew>
    • /crew online <crewame>
    • /crew open
    • /crew reload
    • PERMISSION: crew.reload
    • /crew sethideout
    • /crew respect <OPTIONAL=CREWNAME>

    We currently have a great amount of features and there are more coming here are some to note:

    1. Display crewname using essentials using [CREW] in the format
    2. Cannot hit crew members and crew allies.
    3. Gain crew levels by killing players.
    4. Levels give you + 5 crewmember slots per level.
    5. All the sentences in the plugin are editable in the lang.yml
    6. Blacklist on words configurable by config.
    How to request features: * = Needed
    *Feature name:
    *what it does:
    Skype name:


    There is currently one server using this plugin, you can request me to add your server too!

    Server: RivalMC
    Extra: This is the server that it is developed for, feel free to play on it!


    Ofcourse i want to keep this plugin for free, however even i as a developer have needs (we arent monsters & we dont bite) so if you like this plugin a lot maybe you could drop a dollar into my paypal? its not required but thats what keeps the plugin alive!

    How to donate:
    Send any amount of money on paypal to [email protected]
    These donations are to keep this plugin alive in the way of keeping me motivated

    Made by razer.

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  1. McMyth
    Version: 0.8 STABLE
    Hmm.. man I love this plugin!!! It's just amazing.. keep up working on this mate!!! Very nice plugin