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  1. Dknappers1601
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    (Original Author: Str8) - DezeGames (Aka DKnappers1601)
    The original writter of the plugin is Str8.
    The original plugin only supported 1.8 and was not updated.

    For more support / other issues / questions / suggestions / server stats and much more, join our discord:

    Re-using code or using snipets of code:
    You are not allowed to re-use this code and / or use snippets of code.
    You are not allowed to republish this as made by your own.
    This project falls under all other copyright protected content.
    I have contacted the original owner for me to be able to use his original code. If you still want to use the code then please contact me.
    Thank you for the understanding.

    Crop Hopper is a simple fix for a very server-intensive portion of factions known as automatic cactus farms. This simple plugin allows players to place a "Crop Hopper" in a chunk, allowing any crop to be instantly transported into the Crop Hopper when it would normally drop or grow. This eliminates the amount of entities laying on the ground, while also giving your players a nice alternative to multiple water streams in order to collect the cactus into hoppers. This plugin is the MUST have for Factions servers. Customization will result in the ability to apply the plugin on many servers. From small survival servers to big faction servers. The plugin is a way for the owner to customize and specialize their servers and reduce lag in the process.
    I will keep updating it and adding more different types of crops, planning on adding nether wart and much more. It's lightweight, lagg is reduced as much as possible. Even for survival servers this is lagg reducing because of the way the hopper mechanics are build.

    From version 2.2 Sugar Cane is supported as a Resource Type.
    Place the Crop Hopper like usual and every time a sugar cane would normally grow it instead places the sugar cane item in the Hopper Container. So it looks like the sugar cane is not growing but instead it's going to the hopper.

    If any of the configuration files aren't working like they are supposed to be or you lost the original settings. Delete the config, it will rebuild itself. (This excludes the hopper_data.yml)

    Usage of the /type command:
    Use /type (crop) to set the hopper to a certain crop.
    Read the Supported Types section so see which crops are currently available to be used with the /type command.

    More features:
    I will keep developing more features, including functions to use this as a hopper for mob drops. Comes in handy when using it on a factions server with mob heads.
    Other features will include more crops, more settings, and more customization .

    Supported Types:
    - Cactus
    - Sugar Cane (cane)
    - Wheat
    - Nether Wart

    Speed Settings:
    Since version 2.6 there has been a new config file added in the CropHopper directory called speedsettings.yml
    This file contains the settings for how many items the player will get per event. Normally that is 1, but for the people who want to adjust it I supplied a preconfigurated fast setting, normal setting and slow setting. The fast mode will give the player double the items in the same amount of time. This can be useful for certain purposes. This feature will get fully customizable but for now the amount is preconfigurated. Only change the speed to fast, normal or fast, setting it to other values (as of right now) will break the config.

    /crophopper (player)
    /type (any of the supported crops)
    /hopperhelp (customized help page)
    /hopperreload (Reload the config.yml)

    I am also planning on adding GuiShop support for it, seeing it is one of the most used plugins for handling Faction shops / Spawner Shops.
    Language support will be added as well.

    Other plugins by me:
    Better Bows:

    Original Plugin:

    All donations will go to faster and better plugin development and supporting our servers.

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Recent Reviews

  1. uEcstxsy_
    Version: 3.1
    It doesn't work, I don't recommend. :(
    1. Dknappers1601
      Author's Response
      Please send me a PM or join our discord.
      There you will be able to get support, and explain what the issue is so we can fix it.
  2. elmixil17
    Version: 3.1
    amazing support the developer is friendly and nice he helped me, amazing amazing and amazing!
  3. Meow432
    Version: 2.7
    This plugin is one of the best crop hopper plugins out there, don't hesitate to download this for your server you won't regret it. The developer super active and updates the plugin constantly. (10/10 resource)
    1. Dknappers1601
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!
      It helps me a lot.