This plugin will make you be able to click crops and recive the drops.

  1. Duplication Glitch (Temporary fix)


    It has been quite some time since the last update, and I'm sorry that I'm currently working with CraftingGUI quite a lot. Well anyway, this update is as the title says only a temporary fix for the duplication glitch, so I suggest that you download this update asap.

    Have a good day and week :D
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  2. 1.5.9 - Toggle move update


    I'm glad to see ya guys so soon, though it'll probably take some time till next update. Anyways this update contains some bug fixes related to add-ons and inventory. And if you haven't updated in a while, then this is the update you should update to. Because of some critical bugs, with for example inventory, and auto farm systems.

    There have also been some, changes related to the player toggle system.
    It now has a file on its own. Which means fewer struggles with the plugin config...
  3. 1.5.8


    It has been a while, I hope you all are doing great. I'm here again with a new update fixing some issues regarding JobsReborn, and about 20 other smaller bugs.

    Anyways this update contains cocoa beans support, menu fixes and Residence support, there will be a tutorial/how to use soon on the wiki :D

    Have a great day, week and rest of the month :D
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  4. 1.5.7 - Lazyness Update

    Hello, again!

    So first of this update includes a GUI button for updating CropClick, though I suggest not overusing the button because it can cause some real problems with the plugin.

    The downloader will also not count as a download on the spigot, it'll use a separate website to download the latest update. So if there is any problem with the updater contact me.

    Have a great time and please update your plugins more often :D
  5. 1.5.6 - Update


    I hope you are doing great, and that you are ready for this small update. Which adds support for the update message in every Minecraft version, and it also contains some more command issues and other small fixes.

    Have a great rest of your day/night :D
  6. 1.5.5 - Command Fixes


    This update contains fixes for the reset command, which didn't load in every config properly. If you are having any issues contact me :D

    Have a great day :D
  7. Dispenser [Bug-fix]

    Hii, fellow clickers!

    I hope you're all doing alright, I'm here to disturb you with a new bug fix, that got reported on my Discord. Anyways the issue was produced when a Dispenser was triggered, and should now be fixed.

    I fixed this bug, by adding an extra check on wheater or not the crop is linked, or not so the API, a function called getInfoOfLinked() should now only send out InfoPackets, with one exception being if the plugin didn't load.

    The error link:...
  8. Sugarcane and Cactus Update

    Hello, I hope you have had a good week!

    I'm finally here again, with a new feature update, I got the recommendation from one of you to add sugar cane and cactus, and it sounded like an amazing idea.

    Anyways these crops are implemented in a different way to make farms better, so they work as followed. For example, say if you have three sugar canes stacked on each other, and then click on it then you will receive two times as much drops, and if you have four stacked then you'll receive...
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  9. Bug fix

    Hello, I hope you have had a good week!

    I'm here again, with another bug fix regarding the WorldGuard support. This bug is very major in versions 1.12 and below, so I recommend that you upgrade to this version, even if you have not experienced this bug.

    I'm therefore very sorry to tell you that, WorldGuard lost support in versions below 1.12, just because of this major bug. I recommend switching to Towny which has the same functionality if you need it.

    I'll also have a new update, that...
  10. More world support


    I'm here to bother you again with a new update, containing more world support which will make you able to create autofarms in the nether as an example.

    Though this will have some slower plugin speeds on the first launch after this update to fix the paths. If you are experiencing any trouble don't hesitate to contact me on discord or spigot :D.

    I hope you have an amazing day/night!
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