CropReplace [Supports Netherite Hoes] + No Trample 1.4

Right click on full grown crop with any hoe to harvest and replant it instantly.

  1. Permissions Update

    Added new permissions suggest by Tetsuyia.
    New permissions are listed in the Overview.
  2. No Trample Update

    This feature was suggested by Davis#7777.

    When enabled in the config crops don't get destroyed by trampling caused by players. Other entities can still destroy crops!

    You can also enable "empty_handslots_required" if this should only work when the players handslots are empty!

    New Commands:
    • /cr help
    • /cr reload
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  3. Compatibility Update

    Now compatible with Spigot 1.16.4!
  4. Compatibility Update

    Now compatible with Spigot/Paper 1.16.4!
  5. Config and Durability Update

    • Added durability usage for the tools which works with enchantments. (Can be disabled in the config)
    • Added a config for the plugin to disable the metrics
    • Implement Update Checker, that notifies you when a new Update is available.
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