Cross Server Message (Abandoned) 1.0 DISCONTINUED

Allow you/your players to send messages between servers DISCONTINUED

  1. LMBishop

    What am I?

    This plugin will allow you/your players to send messages between servers on a BungeeCord network, for example: I (2sp00ky4m9) does /csm Drizuh Hello, there! What that will do is send a message to Drizuh, which is on a different server on my BungeeCord network. Then the other player (Drizuh) can reply by doing /csm 2sp00ky4m9 <message> if so desired.

    Just simply download the jar and put this plugin in the plugins folder in every one of your game servers.

    • /csm <player> <name> : Send a player a message inter-server or between servers
    Permissions will be implemented upon request.

Recent Reviews

  1. NmExHunTeRz
    Version: 1.0
    Great simple plugin, works exactly as expected! Would it be possible to add a config.yml so that I can customize the format of the messages styling?