Crossbow 0.2.0

Left click with a bow to shoot an arrow faster. Requires flint.

  1. Ninty
    Designed for the upcoming Chertia Legacy server. Completely written by me.

    Left click while holding a bow to shoot an arrow faster than normal. You get slight knockback, and you need one flint to do it.
    There are timing and durability variations depending on any of these factors.
    - Bow is enchanted.
    - Player is sprinting.
    - Player is sneaking.
    Quite a simple script, but pretty useful.

    /crossbow - Toggle crossbow status for all players.

    crossbow.admin - Able to do /crossbow.

    Coming soon:
    - Example video.
    - Commands to edit config in-game.

Recent Updates

  1. Toggle!
  2. Timing Changes

Recent Reviews

  1. MythicGaming
    Version: 0.2.0
    This is Great! You should block the guy giving you the bad ratings for unreasonable commenting. I literally just tested this and Skripts are suppose to be simple and very small compared to normal plugins. I am for sure keeping this! Great addition to my survival server with my friends. Thank you so much for this :)
  2. AnyBody
    Version: 0.1.1
    Very simple ,man! ;)

    Please update
    1. Ninty
      Author's Response
      Can you expand on that? What would you like added?