CrossPermissionsBungee 0.1.1

A cross platform permissions plugin - Bungee side implementation

  1. zyuiop
    CrossPermissionsBungee is a bungee side permissions management plugin, based on a redis storage backend.

    It's the bungeecord side implementation of the CrossPermissionsAPI, an API you can find on Github here :

    Please note that you don't need this implementation if you are using BungeeBridge.

    Bukkit side implementation is there :


    This plugin provides the following features :
    • Different groups of users
    • Single permissions system for both bungee and bukkit
    Why CrossPermissions ?

    CrossPermissions is available on both Bukkit and BungeeCord servers. It means you can use the same permissions backend for your whole network.
    Be carefull though, I didn't implement the ("*") permission, which means you'll have to set-up all permissions manually. It might be done in the future.

    How to use ?

    You'll need a redis server to run this plugin. Configure your redis access in the config.yml file
    All the management commands are on the bukkit side implementation.
    However, there is a command called "bungeerefresh" which allows you to refresh the bungeecord permissions cache.
    The permission required to run this command is :
    permissions.bungee.refresh (also provided by permissions.bungee.* and permissions.*)

    Known bugs :

    When removing a group, all members of this group will not be able to connect (null pointer exception). Please insure that a group is empty before deleting it.

    Github repo :
    CI server :

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes
  2. Fixed plugin not loading bug
  3. The Translation Update