Crowbar 1.1

Lock down your server when crucial plugins are not loaded.

  1. not_avixk
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    A quick and dirty spigot plugin to lock the server when crucial plugins are not enabled.

    Players who have permission "crowbar.admin" will be able to join regardless if the Crowbar is engaged or not.

    Like I said, it's quick and dirty, I coded it in 30 minutes and there's no love and care put into it. It's just a quick fix for an uncommon problem.

    If anyone cares about this more than I do, and want specific features added, let me know.

    Default Config:
    Code (YAML):

    # enabled: disabling this will halt all functionality of the plugin, applies after reload
    : true

    # kick_message: the message sent to players when crowbar is activated. {plugins} will be replaced with a list of
    #   plugins that are not loaded.
    # plugin_list_placeholder: The format of the {plugins} placeholder. Use {plugin} placeholder to target the individual plugin.
    : '\n&c[Crowbar] &eThe server is currently disabled because the following plugins are not loaded:{plugins}'
    : '\n&f -&7 {plugin}'

    # kick_all_during_crowbar: Server will kick all players when crowbar engages if enabled. kick_message above will be used.
    : true
    # whitelist_during_crowbar: Server will be unjoinable except by admins when enabled.
    : true

    # kick_message_format: Message sent to whitelisted players who join during crowbar event
    # Use {plugins} as a placeholder
    : '&c[Crowbar] The server is currently whitelisted because the following plugins are not loaded: {plugins}'
    : '&e{plugin}&c, '

    # server_list_motd: Changes the server list motd and maxplayers when crowbar is engaged.
    : true
    : '&cError &8-&7 Required plugins not enabled.'
    : 0

    # required_plugins: List of plugins that must be loaded at all times. Crowbar will engage if one or more is not loaded.
     - 'WorldGuard'

Recent Updates

  1. Added API and cleaned up some stuff