CrystalChest | Unique Gameplay Experience 2.1

Chest to be unlocked by keys. Yields configurable rewards. Great for factions or survival.

  1. [BUG FIX] Safeguard for player-only command

    • Added a safeguard to prevent console using a player-only command (/cc combine), because this would lead to console error log.
  2. [NEW] Complete Project Rewrite/Revamp

    • After many years, I've made a new version of this plugin. The entire plugin was redone from scratch.
  3. Updated to Spigot 1.8.8

    Read title.
  4. Fixed bug

    • Console will no longer spam error messages when players interact with blocks.
  5. Fixed bug with giving keys

    • Had an oopsies on my part, this should fix the give key command :)
  6. Minor bug fix

    • Console was being spammed with an error. Should be fixed now.
  7. Added EnderDragon

    • Added EnderDragon to the list of mobs that could drop a key.
  8. Added chance of mobs dropping keys

    • If you do not want to enable this, you don't have to. Just set all the "enabled" options under mobDrops in the config to false.
    • Allows percentage chance for Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Blazes, and Enderman to drop each of the 3 keys.