CrystalEggFactory v2.2.1

Ban spawn egg use in any region; And get spawn eggs that don't work to change spawners + More

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    Jacc734, jflory7
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    CrystalEggFactory is an open-source plugin designed to grant ops the ability to create spawn eggs that do not have the ability to change spawners.

    This plugin is particularly helpful for 1.8 semi-vanilla Minecraft servers that like the idea of giving their players spawn eggs, but don't like the idea of their players changing spawners. Some do not like the 1.8 feature of changing spawners with spawn eggs; which is why we made CrystalEggFactory.

    By default, normal spawn eggs (from creative mode) will have the ability to change spawners, and eggs spawned in from this plugin will not have the ability to change spawners. (can be changed with /eggnerfall)

    Special permissions can be given via in-game commands for non-ops to access certain commands / perks.

    For more information about the plugin, it's commands and features, be sure to check out the CrystalEggFactory wiki:

    This plugin is open source, and is held under the Apache 2.0 license, the source code can be found here:
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Recent Reviews

  1. _Zane
    Version: v2.2.1
  2. jflory7
    Version: 2015-03-11
    Wow, such a useful and incredible plugin! It meets all of my needs as a semi-vanilla server owner! Thanks. ;)